The Crab Who Wanted To Be A Dolphin (Book 7 in WantsToBe series)

Valerie Harmon

The seventh fully-illustrated children's book in the WantsToBe series.
Note: this title is also available as an animated app for iPad (in the App Store℠) and and as a full-color softcover book.

Everyone annoys Crab! Lonely and friendless (because she's cranky), she decides she needs to become a dolphin to solve her problems. Struggling on this quest, she discovers that finding friends requires changes on the inside, not the outside. As she experiences gratitude, and the friendship that follows, she unexpectedly transforms into a mixture of her old self and a new self. Not only an educational story encouraging gratitude, this tale is also a metaphor for how we all transform after accomplishing difficult things.

Add To Your Cart and teach children about goal setting and overcoming obstacles, while laughing at the imaginative ending.

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