The Starting Line

Ashley Suzanne

Mirage—Feel the pain and get the shock of your life.

Raven—Rian was never like the other kids. She had a boys name, hippie clothes and a non-traditional mother. The other kids gave her hell until Garrett, an army brat, moved into town when his dad was stationed there.
Garrett and Rian are inseparable until he has to relocate when his dad gets stationed elsewhere.
After Garrett moves away, things change for Rian. She tries to change to fit in. Her mother get married to an abusive drunk. Things are definitely going in the worse-off direction. Although she continues to face painful obstacles, Rian is a fighter and never gives up.
Later, Rian and Garrett meet again, but fate cannot decide if it wants them to end up together or not.
For those that get tired of the whiny females and are looking for a strong female lead, Rian is for you. I love how she defends her mother.
For those that are over the instant multi-orgasms and are looking to read a realistic sex scene, I think you will be happy also. The first sex scene of the book is perfect in my opinion.
Ashley sort of gave us a sweet boy and a bad boy in Garrett. He's definitely someone we can love.
My vaginal spicy-sense tingles with every move he makes.

Calling Card—In my opinion, Ashley Suzanne really stepped up her game with this book. It's the best that I think she has published.
Calling Card is written from a male point of view. At first Dexter MacFadden comes across as a real piece of work, like one of those cocky A holes in a lot of books, but he quickly becomes his own unique entity. He really likes to sleep around so he has a system set up to log and rate his global conquests for future reference.
This isn't the first time I've woken up in a stranger's bed, lying next to a woman I don't recognize, in a city I can't remember. Ibiza? Paris? London?
Born to an American mother and Irish father, he grows up in Ireland until he looses both parents at the age of 10. His almost elderly grandparents take him back to Indiana to live with them, but they have both passed away by the time he is 13. So Dex has grown to only depend upon himself in life. He's a world renowned high end fashion photographer traveling the planet, but he has hardly any real connections.
What keeps Dex grounded is his best friend Briar. After witnessing his bluntness with the rest of the world, his interactions with her really help to humanize him. He is a mostly moral respectful guy, but a seat in his inner circle must be earned.
Dex stumbles through a few obstacles in this story. He has a couple of epiphanies and a come-to-jesus moment. The theme is self-discovery.
The author does a great job of delivering a sizzling hot, larger-than-life, sweet, down-to-earth oxymoron of a character to be your next favorite book boyfriend, and the storyline stayed interesting for me.

Claim Vol 1—Honestly, I went into this book skeptical that I would like it. I'm not into the cowboy fantasy. From the cover I assumed it would be too much that direction for me. But I instantly fell for the female lead. She is best friend material, no doubt. I'm crazy about her sarcastic, straight forward, open personality.
Loren is successful in all areas of her life except love. She can't find a decent man to save her life. This drives her to try an online dating service.
I'm always up for a good round of internet stalking.
Loren sets up a date. Although it isn't his profession, Nolan is in a local band that sings country music just for fun. When I found out he was a country singer, I thought this is where the story will loose my interest. I'm a rock girl through and through. Loren and I kinda felt the same about it really.
I'm not saying I don't like country music, I just prefer a lot of other Disney soundtracks.
Nolan soon won us both over. Who could resist those dimples. This seems like it might be it, but fairytales are make-believe right? Both characters do have some skeletons in their closets.
The writing style was perfect. I thought this was an entertaining read, and I will definitely be back for more.

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