Keith Grint

You should read this book if you are interested in a brief summary of scholar research on leadership. I think, this books is too brief, I mean, it is difficult to follow the reasoning without previous knowledge of -for instance- the history of management (that is the main reason why I've rated only with 3 stars). It might be a refreshing book, if you are tired ofthe usual "Five steps to become a leader" or "the 7 characteristics of great leaders". It forcefully communicates the complexity of the issue at hand. Furthermore, it's rather philosophical in its approach to leadership:
The first chapter is socratic: it focuses on the difficulties of giving a definition of the concept "leader"
The final chapter explores the relationship between "leaderships" and the "sacred" using as references Fromm, René Girard, etc...
Personally, I have found inspiring the suggestion that "leadership" should not be conceptualized as a characteristic of an individual, but as an "emergent property" of the relationship between a leader, his/her followers, and a particular context. That has been illuminating.

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