Writings 9

Tatay Jobo Elizes

Collection of writings by various authors: I. Solidarity in Literature W/out Borders, Simeon Dumdum Jr + + II. Macario Sakay Vindicated, Gemma Cruz Araneta + + III. The Dilemma of the Last Filipino, Larry Henares + + IV. Ping Joaquin, Fil. Jazz Pianist, my Father, Tony Joaquin + + V. Bert Del Rosario, Inventor, Sing-Along, Tony Joaquin + + VI. Xmas Article 2009, Allen Gaborro + + VII. Beaches (short story), Allen Gaborro + + VIII. Democracy Versus Discipline, Allen Gaborro + + IX. Amend the Const. Make Jury Trial, Atty. Toto C. Causing + + X. Dakdak Beach Resort in Dapitan City, Toto C. Causing + + XI. So I'm Dark-skinned, Leave Me Alone, Mar-Vic Cagurangan + + XII. Dig My Sexy Flip Accent, Arizona, Mar-Vic Cagurangan + + XIII. A Fan Mail From Prison, Mar-Vic Cagurangan + + XIV. Three Poems: a. Please Don't Let Her Know, b. I Have Memories of My own, c. God Has Made Someone Only For me, Emily Espanol Derry + + XV. Three Love Poems: a. Some Good Things Never Last b. The Dance c. As I Trod Upon Your Ground, Elyn Jean Felarca + + XVI. My Advocacy, Naysan A. Albaytar + + XVII. Feminism: The Great Paradox, Laura Wade + + XVIII. A Blast From the Past, Peter Allan Mariano, + + XIX. Bus. Perspective: Bldg. Your Future, Peter Allan Mariano + + XX. An Overview of Health Connections, Peter Allan Mariano + + XXI. My Workspace At Home, Marge Trajeco-Aberasturi + + XXII. Investing on a Home Business, Marge Trajeco-Aberasturi + + XXIII. A Brighter Day for Little Jane, Julia Carreon-Lagoc + + XXIV. A Consummation Devoutly to Be Wished, Julia C. Lagoc + + XXV. No Birds and Beetles and Trees, Julia Carreon-Lagoc + + XXVI. Ang Wika, Ang Tore Ni Babel Sa Pilipinas, Irineo Goce + + XXVII. Scattered Thoughts - Anonymous

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