Shadowrun 15

Tom Dowd

In the Shadowrun setting, one of the most repellent and ubiquitous terrors of the world is the insect spirit. It takes a human host, gets inside of it, then uses it as a medium to work magical effects upon the world. They've done so for millenia (known to the immmortal elves of the setting as the Invae) and throughout the ages, the elves have managed to keep them hidden and nominally controlled in the fifth and sixth ages...

Until 2057.

The bugs have been building a hive underneath the Windy City, and when a private eye seeks out the son of a corporate mogul only to find the worlds largest insect spirit hive, all hell breaks loose. The bugs surge out from the hive, destroying the city of Chicago and the UCAS military tries to bomb them out.

We all know what they say about roaches and the bomb. Nothing kills a bug. Nothing. Now imagine a city full of pissed off, radioactive, magical insect shamans. Not good. It covers the creation of the CCZ (Chicago Containment Zone) and is the bible for how things went down in Chicago for the game setting, apart from its companion sourcebook, Bug City.

This was a better than average Shadowrun novel just on the basis of how much detail they went into to depict the overtaking of the city by the bugs and the effects it has on the world, both SINners and SINless. Required reading for Shadowrun fans who want to know more about how Chicago got be called Bug City.

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