How to Count Calories Correctly and Avoid Losing Your Mind

Dexter Poin

Enough's Enough!!!

Have you had it up to here with hype?

Are you fed up with fads?

Are you tired of the same old jargon being SHAT out from everyone with a two week certificate's mouth?

I am not a self proclaimed guru nor do I intend on ever aspiring to be one.

My knowledge is based on my 20+ years of experience, through trial and error is how I will always come to my conclusions on anything in life period.

What's in this book is not your same old cookie cutter run of the mill tripe.

Is being fat in our genes?

Yes it is unfortunate but some people are simply just born to be fat.

Hypertrophy and Hyperplasia of fat cells.

The differences between the two and how you can even tell if a child will have a problem with fat.

Are all carbohydrates created equal?

Absolutely not! And this is a subject that URKS me beyond belief!

The calories in calories out theory.

It is just that for most people, just a theory. Many people do not have the metabolism to follow calories in calories out.

What is more important than calorie counting? And what is the BMR and it's importance to us.

Consuming foods that are dense in nutrients and free of chemicals and preservatives that block the absorption of key vitamins and minerals.

How to restore your PH balance and how to maintain it at an optimum level.

I am not leaching onto theories or the latest and greatest buzz words that will be gone tomorrow. I live this stuff every single day of my life. I don't talk it I walk it. This is one of my 3 books in the way of life series. I encourage you to read all 3 as they all provide something different in each of them. This book is for men and women.


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