Mourning and Dancing

Sally Miller

Robert Downham died on Wednesday, August 23, 1967 of Reticulum Cell Sarcoma. Three weeks before he died, he did not know he was sick. Nine days after diagnosis, he was dead. This is his story, and the story of Sally, his young wife and mother of his two young children, and all the others whose lives touched his life - and who had to go on living. It is about life and death and grief and the lessons that the survivors learned. This inspiring work chronicles Sally Miller's thirty-year journey of grief and recovery. Along with her own moving story, Miller provides a framework that you can use to identify and process your own grief. "Mourning and Dancing" is designed for people who are trying to cope with any loss, even if years have passed since the loss or losses occurred. Its format includes true-life stories of the author's family and individuals with whom she has walked through grief.

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